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Alarm/Camlock Installation

Alarm Installations can be tricky to install. Too high up, and our office may not be able to send a truck before you get full, too low and the space in your tank isn’t utilized to its full extent. We also offer different kinds of alarm systems, one that have light bulbs attached or a beeper. It’s good to know that most of these alarms need power in order to be installed.

Camlocks are pipes installed from the bottom of your tank to where we can safely hook up to our truck. This eliminates the residue attached to our hoses from your tank from being distributed onto your property. Remember fertilizer can be messy! A camlock will also save your alarm system from being disrupted.

We do offer bobcat services that can trench these lines in for you at a low cost. Please ask our office to request a quote for either, or the full bundle.